Radical relocation car with luggage

A Crazy Physics

Radical Relocation is a physics based puzzle game in which you’re moving house. “What’s radical about that?” you ask. Well, you have to stack everything on your own car. Everything from TVs to dog houses, pianos to basketballs, even the kitchen sink — you have to move them all from your old home to your new place, and if anything falls off your car…

Game over.

That’s the game in theory. In practice, it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. Villainous trees, sidewalks, and garbage cans seek to thwart your every attempt at relocating! Face the horrors of suburbia in your poor little car in a race against the clock.


  • Challenging physics based gameplay! Boxes, vases, couches, you name it, we’ve got it – even the kitchen sink!
  • A wide variety of different levels, all with their own set of objects to move
  • A relaxing low-poly environment to zip around
  • A range of different vehicles, all with their own perks and quirks
  • A free roam map

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Radical relocation car with luggage
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Radical relocation car with luggage